Contingency Insurance s1861

From a star performer not turning up, to a show being cancelled due to bad weather, a multitude of unforeseen events can spoil an occasion. AmTrust has a range of Contingency insurance products that give event organisers peace of mind for almost any eventuality.

The 1861 team offers comprehensive event cancellation insurance to protect organisers against having to cancel their event due to unforeseen circumstance.

For example, non-appearance insurance offers protection if contracted performers do not show up, whilst AmTrust’s film and media policies protect producers if a production is interrupted, curtailed or postponed due to causes beyond the control of the insured.

We also offer protection for those offering prizes such as lotteries, scratch cards and golf hole-in-one competitions to cover them from a range of risks such as for when a prize is won, or over redemption policies providing protection if an offer receives a greater than expected response from consumers.


  • Cancellation and Abandonment
  • Non Appearance
  • Film/Media
  • Statistical Prize Indemnity
  • Non Statistical Prize Indemnity
  • Over Redemption


  • $10m for all Event Risks
  • $10m for Statistical Prize Indemnity
  • $1m for Non-Statistical Prize Indemnity
  • $1m for Over Redemption

Lloyd's of London

The Contingency team can be found at Lloyd's of London, Gallery 3 – Box 386.