Accident & Health

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AmTrust at Lloyd’s Accident & Health insurance offers a wide range of policies that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses and individuals who want to manage potential personal accident, medical expense and travel-related risks.

Individuals and their employers often face risks in their day-to-day work, during leisure time at home and while travelling abroad. Our Accident & Health products go a long way towards alleviating personal risk and can mitigate the impact of high-risk situations

The Accident & Health team offers a wide breadth of capabilities and has the flexibility to work collaboratively with other classes including Casualty to develop bespoke packages.

Due to our international reach, we can support millions of individuals and corporations in a number of territories, including those deemed high-risk areas.

Portfolio Summary

  • Key Man Insurance
  • Personal Accident (PA) Insurance
  • PA Contracts
  • Expatriate Medical Insurance
  • Reinsurance of PA and Life policies
  • Aviation and Marine Crew/Passenger PA Insurance/ Pilot Loss of Licence coverage
  • Business Travel Insurance
  • PA and Travel benefits for credit card customers
  • PA products for SMEs
  • Medical Expenses Insurance
  • Travel Risks
  • Combined policies that include PA, Medical Expenses

Risk Profile

Occupations covered include professional and services positions, as well as hands-on high-risk workers in industries such as security or offshore. We are also specialists in sport, aviation and High Net Worth individuals.

Products are appropriate for both expatriates and local nationals on an individual or group basis. Key audiences for Personal Accident insurance include direct and reinsurance, retail, commercial, professional sports and individuals, SMEs and large corporations. 


We can provide cover in most territories, including high-risk areas.


  • USD 15 million any one person limit
  • USD 50 million any one occurrance
  • USD 25 million any one Treaty Programme


The Accident & Health team can be found at Lloyd’s of London, Gallery 2, Box 240.