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The Aviation team at AmTrust at Lloyd's has vast amount of experience in delivering products across a wide spectrum of hull and liability risks, including, but not limited to General Aviation, Tier III Airlines and Non-critical Aerospace.

With this experience, we work alongside brokers and their clients to deliver cover that meets their insurance needs, including bespoke solutions for particularly niche risks. We are an experienced lender and strong supporting market. Furthermore, London continues to be the largest centre for aviation insurance and our experience in this arena is long-standing and reputable.

Our specialised solutions address challenges faced by the aviation sector providing the solid foundations to encourage growth and innovation across the global aviation industry. AmTrust at Lloyds’ aim is to be at the forefront of this innovation.

Portfolio Summary

  • Cover for fixed and rotor wing fleets of two or more aircraft of a capacity of 90 or less
  • Hull, liability, spares, cargo, baggage and mail legal liability
  • Personal Accident or Medical Assistance for crew and passengers
  • Fixed wing and rotor wing planes - excluding gliders, prototypes and mirco-light aircraft
  • Equipment for Tier III airlines
  • Small airports and manufacturers

Risk Profile

We are able to offer products to commercial, industrial aid, cargo, EMS, business, private and pleasure carriers and businesses, but are not limited to these audiences should you require a bespoke solution or additional cover.


We can offer products on a worldwide basis with a main focus on Western Europe, Canada and the Middle East. This excludes U.S. liability cover and companies operating out of sanctioned countries.


  • USD 2 million for hull cover
  • USD 23 million for liability cover
  • USD 25 million for combined cover


The Aviation team can be found at Lloyd’s of London, Gallery 1, Box 143.