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AmTrust at Lloyd's Contingency Team offers products designed to meet a dynamic range of contingent risks. Contingency insurance is the best solution to ensure that unknown risks can be managed and that all parties can be protected under a wide variety of circumstances.

Particularly pertinent to event organisers, Contingency insurance protects against event, marketing and unknown risks where unforeseen possibilities can trigger high costs and significant liabilities.

At AmTrust at Lloyd’s, each risk is reviewed individually to ensure the coverage is well-matched to each specific scenario. Our claims team is also part of the underwriting process to fully understand the risks pertaining to the event and that all parties have a clear understanding of this protection. Our international reach means that we can deliver policies in local markets that adhere to local requirements, regulations and legal structures.

Portfolio Summary

  • Cancellation and Abandonment
  • Ground-up and layered programme policies
  • Commercial Producers Indemnity
  • Advertising Agency Indemnity
  • Film Production Indemnity
  • Statistical Prize Indemnity
  • Non-Statistical Prize Indemnity
  • Over Redemption Insurance

Risk Profile

Any organisers responsible for event management, prize awards, lottery winners, promotional risks and other narrow but dynamic contingent risks.

Cancellation and Abandonment:

  • Indoor and outdoor sporting events
  • Music festivals
  • Trade shows, conventions and consumer shows


  • Individual performances and tours, all music genres
  • Ground-up and layered programme policies

Film/ Media:  

  • Commercial producers indemnity 
  • Advertising agency indemnity 

Statistical Prize Indemnity:

  • Lottery jackpots
  • Non-statistical prize indemnity 


We can provide cover worldwide, in local languages and markets.


  • USD 15 million for Event Risks
  • USD 10 million for Statistical Prize Indemnity
  • USD 1 million for Non-Statistical Prize Indemnity
  • USD 1 million for Over Redemption


The Contingency team can be found at Lloyd’s of London, Gallery 2, Box 240.