Legal Expenses

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AmTrust is one of the market’s leading specialists in Before the Event (BTE) and After the Event (ATE) Legal Expenses insurance (LEI). We work with our legal peers and regulatory groups to keep ahead of the legal landscape giving us the ability to regularly influence the legal industry and deliver more access to justice. AmTrust is also a full member of the International Association of Legal Protections Insurers (RIAD).

Our Before the Event (BTE) insurance products offer the insured protection from legal expenses in advance of potential future incidents or disputes, including  Home, Family, Commercial and Employment legal protection. We also provide access to a 24/7 legal advice helpline for a range of legal issues including Employment and HR, Commercial, Property, Motor, Landlord and Tenant.

Our After the Event (ATE) products are taken out by the insured against the risk of incurring legal expenses in relation to an accident or dispute which has already occurred. Such issues include contract disputes, professional negligence and insolvency, designed to protect you from the full cost of legal expenses.

We are recognised internationally for our ability to provide Legal Expenses solutions that suit the insured’s needs, rather than offering a standard product.

Portfolio Summary

BTE legal expenses, including:

  • Affinity Legal Protection
  • Family Legal Protection
  • Motor Legal Protection
  • Commercial Legal Protection
  • Employment Legal Protection
  • Landlord Legal & Rent Protection
  • Loss Assessor Protection
  • Tax Protection

ATE legal expenses for existing legal actions and litigation, including:

  • Contract Disputes
  • Professional negligence
  • Property disputes
  • International arbitration
  • Recovery of outstanding debts
  • Insolvency

Risk Profile

  • Individuals
  • Affinity Groups
  • Commercial


We are able to offer BTE products on a worldwide basis. Our ATE products are designed to provide cover in select territories worldwide.


Capacity dependent on product and territory.