Political Risk & Political Violence

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AmTrust at Lloyd’s is proud to be a market leader with its Political Risk and Violence insurance products, providing vital cover for businesses with investments in or operations worldwide, including in dangerous and unstable parts of the world.

We believe our offering is unique amongst our peers because we offer a single point of access for all political perils, including, Political Violence, Contract Frustration, Equity Investments, Mobile Assets and Credit. Our underwriters are highly experienced and able to design bespoke for solutions for a broad range of clients. Our flexible and innovative products offer solutions to the ever-evolving geo-political climate.  

Portfolio Summary

  • Political Violence perils including Terrorism, Riots, Strikes, Civil Commotion, Civil War and War
  • Confiscation, Expropriation and Deprivation
  • Contract Frustration
  • Comprehensive Credit including Comprehensive Non-Payment Insurance
  • Currency Inconvertibility

Risk Profile

Political Risk Clients include:

  • Commodity Traders
  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Infrastructure Exporters
  • International Investors
  • Equipment Lessors

Political Violence Occupancy include: 

  • Power and Energy
  • Industrial Assets
  • Real Estate
  • Public Entities
  • Financial Institutions


Our team has strong international experience with a focus in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East but can offer any of our product lines on an international level taking into account local and regional sensitivities. 


  • Political Risk and Contract Frustration - USD 30 million any one risk
  • Political Violence - USD 50 million any one risk
  • Credit - USD 10 million any one risk


The Political Risks and Violence team can be found at Lloyd’s of London, ground floor, box 088A.