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AmTrust at Lloyd’s are specialists in writing Treaty Reinsurance business, offering both proportional and non-proportional treaty capacity across a range of classes of business. We are client focused, thereby ensuring an alignment of interests and underwriting rationale. We offer a tailored, flexible approach promoting long term partnerships.

The ability to transfer large portions of risk in order to mitigate a large claim obligation, or to diversify a portfolio, is essential for managing capital effectively. It also addresses wider interdependencies between the risks and liabilities that affect risk managers and the insurers that support them.

With effective reinsurance, insurers can support their wider obligations with more certainty. It can also create long-term opportunities and provide a significant financial advantage, when priced competitively and underwritten well.

Portfolio Summary

  • Treaty Reinsurance of direct and reinsurance entities
  • Proportional and non-proportional contracts
  • Focus on client, class of business, territory and level of attachment

Risk Profile

  • All Marine lines of business; Hull, War, Liability, Energy, Cargo/Specie and Composite covers
  • Airline, General Aviation, and Aviation War
  • Political Risk and Terrorism contracts
  • International Property


We have a global reach that includes London Market companies and Lloyd’s Syndicates, global/multi-national insurance companies and foreign/local market insurance companies.


  • USD 5 million for any one risk, layer or policy
  • USD 10 million for any one programme


The Treaty Reinsurance team can be found at Lloyd’s of London, Gallery 2, box 287.