Political and Credit Risk s5820

Emerging markets present an array of opportunities for international businesses, but they can be difficult environments in which to operate. For this reason, Syndicate 5820 offers a range of insurance products to protect financial institutions, investors and traders working in these newer markets.

The Political and Structured Credit Risk team has developed a number of insurance products designed to give protection to organisations involved in cross-border lending, trading sales and projects in emerging markets.


The insurance products fall into three main categories:

Contract Frustration - covers the risks of non-payment and/or non-performance of contracts by foreign government and state owned companies and institutions.

Single Situation Credit (as opposed to Whole Turnover Trade Credit insurance) - covers the risks of non-payment and/or non-performance of single contracts by non-public sector companies and institutions.

Confiscation Insurance - covers the risks of nationalisation, expropriation or other action by a foreign government which deprives an insured of its assets located in the foreign country.


  • $20m any one risk.

Lloyd's of London

The Political and Credit Risks team can be found at Lloyd's of London, Gallery 1 – Box 143.